Schlagwort: Sexuelle Belästigung

Armin Rohde wie ihn die Öffentlichkeit kennt: Immer ein wenig den Schalk im Nacken, charmant und auch schon mal fordernd. Sein Engagement gegen die AfD, Rechtsextremismus und gegen die sexuelle Ausbeutung von Schauspielern ist da nicht mehr so vielen bekannt. / Foto: Olaf Kosinsky ist lizenziert unter CC BY-SA 3.0

Schauspieler Armin Rohde: Gegen die AfD und “rechte Arschlöcher”

Hamburg/Bremen (ots/fs) – Der Schauspieler Armin Rohde, 65, bekennt im Gespräch mit dem stern, dass er nicht mit Dieter Wedel dreht. Dem Regisseur wird von […]

Refugee Youths in Berlin, October 2015: Jawad and Omid “It’s too difficult, our journey that we start from Afghanistan. We risk our life, but we have to do it, if we are looking for a future. We have to take the risk. If you’re looking for something good, you have to try hard for that to achieve.” Seventeen-year-old Jawad, at right, came to Berlin seven months ago with his mother and 15-y.o. sister, arriving just before the summer’s uptick in the numbers of refugees making it to Germany. Thus far his experiences have been overwhelmingly positive, and the family’s first big hurdle in the process of applying for asylum has been cleared: their Dublin III case’s statute of limitations has expired after six months. Like so many others trying to make their way to Germany, Jawad had been fingerprinted when initially crossing into Europe, in his case in both Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. Since Germany is situated in the heart of Europe, and it is all but impossible to enter using land routes without crossing through other nations, the first litmus test of whether a refugee will be allowed to stay is to verify if they have been officially registered elsewhere, in which case their claim for asylum might have to be pursued in that country. A friend from childhood, Omid, at left, arrived three months later, and is still waiting to see whether he might have to be processed in Hungary. A couple of recent court cases set a precedent, however, suspending such transfers because of the risk of inhuman and degrading treatment and detention as part of that country’s asylum procedures.

Faktencheck: Tat in Neuenbürg – Online-Hetze gegen Muslime und Afrikaner

Berlin/Ganderkesee (ots/fs) – In Baden-Württemberg werden zwei Jungen von Jugendlichen sexuell belästigt. Weil die Tatverdächtigen minderjährig sind, gibt die Polizei der Öffentlichkeit nur zurückhaltend Informationen. […]